Create a ServiceColumn (Optional)

POST /graphs/createServiceColumn

If your use case requires props assigned to vertices instead of edges, what you need is a Service Column.

Remark: If it is only the vertex id that you need and not additional props, there's no need to create a Service Column explicitly. At label creation, by default, S2Graph creates column space with empty properties according to the label schema.

Service Column Fields

Field Name Definition Data Type Example Remarks
serviceName Which service the Service Column belongs to. String "kakaotalk" Required.
columnName Service Column`s name. String "talk_user_id" Required.
props Optional properties of Service Column. JSON (array dictionaries) Please refer to the examples. Optional.

Basic Service Column Operations

Here are some sample requests for Service Column creation as well as vertex insertion and selection.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/createServiceColumn -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
    "serviceName": "s2graph",
    "columnName": "user_id",
    "columnType": "long",
    "props": [
        {"name": "is_active", "dataType": "boolean", "defaultValue": true},
        {"name": "phone_number", "dataType": "string", "defaultValue": "-"},
        {"name": "nickname", "dataType": "string", "defaultValue": ".."},
        {"name": "activity_score", "dataType": "float", "defaultValue": 0.0},
        {"name": "age", "dataType": "integer", "defaultValue": 0}

General information on a vertex schema can be retrieved with /graphs/getServiceColumn/{service name}/{column name}.

curl -XGET localhost:9000/graphs/getServiceColumn/s2graph/user_id

This will give all properties on serviceName s2graph and columnName user_id serviceColumn.

Properties can be added to a Service Column with /graphs/addServiceColumnProps/{service name}/{column name}.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/addServiceColumnProps/s2graph/user_id -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
    {"name": "home_address", "defaultValue": "korea", "dataType": "string"}

Vertices can be inserted to a Service Column using /graphs/vertices/insert/{service name}/{column name}.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/vertices/insert/s2graph/user_id -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
  {"id":1,"props":{"is_active":true}, "timestamp":1417616431},

Finally, query your vertex via /graphs/getVertices.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/getVertices -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
    {"serviceName": "s2graph", "columnName": "user_id", "ids": [1, 2, 3]}

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