Query Param Level Option

Field Name Definition Data Type Example Remarks
label Name of label to traverse. String "graph_test" Required. Must be an existing label.
direction In/ out direction to traverse. String "out" Optional. Default is "out".
limit Number of edges to fetch. Int 10 Optional. Default is 10.
offset Starting position in the index. Used for paginating query results. Int 50 Optional. Default is 0.
index Specify index. String "_PK" Optional. Used with interval.
interval Filters query results by range on indexed properties. JSON (dictionary) {"from": {"time": 0, "weight": 1}, "to": {"time": 1, "weight": 15}} Optional. Note that in order to use interval, you must specify index. (e.g. "index" : "index_name" )
duration Specify a time window and filter results by timestamp. JSON (dictionary) {"from": 1407616431000, "to": 1417616431000} Optional.
scoring Scoring factors for property values in query results. These weights will be multiplied to corresponding property values, so that the query results can be sorted by the weighted sum. JSON (dictionary) {"time": 1, "weight": 2} Optional.
where Filtering condition. Think of it as the "WHERE" clause of a SQL query.
Currently, a selection of logical operators (and/ or) and relational operators ("equal(=)/ sets(in)/ range(between x and y)") are supported.
Do not use any quotation marks for string type
String "((_from = 123 and _to = abcd) or gender = M) and is_hidden = false and weight between 1 and 10 or time in (1, 2, 3)".
Note that it only supports long, string, and boolean types.
outputField The usual "to" field of the result edges will be replace with a property field specified by this option. String "outputField": "service_user_id". This will output edge's "to" field into "service_user_id" property. Optional.
exclude For a label with exclude "true", resulting vertices of a traverse will act as a blacklist and be excluded from other labels' traverse results in the same step. Boolean "true" Optional. Default is "false".
include A Label with include "true" will ignore any exclude options in the step and the traverse results of the label guaranteed be included in the step result. Boolean "true" Optional. Default is "false"
duplicate Whether or not to allow duplicate edges; duplicate edges meaning edges with identical (from, to, label, direction) combination. String
One of "first", "sum", "countSum", or "raw".
"first" Optional. "first" means that only first occurrence of edge survives.
"sum" means that you will sum up all scores of same edges but only one edge survive.
"countSum" means to counts the occurrences of same edges but only one edge survives.
"raw" means that you will allow duplicates edges. Default is "first".
rpcTimeout Timeout for the request. Integer 100 Optional. In milliseconds. Default is 100 and maximum is 1000.
maxAttempt Max number of HBase read attempts. Integer 1 Optional. Default is 1, and maximum is 5.
_to Specify desired target vertex. Step results will only show edges to given vertex. String some vertex id Optional.
threshold Score threshold for query results. Edges with lesser scores will be dropped. Double 1.0 Optional. Default is 0.0.
transform "_to" values on resulting edges can be transformed to another value from their properties. JSON (array of array) Optional, default [["_to"]]
cacheTTL Caching the resulting edges and expire it after ttl time elapsed. Long 60000 Optional. milliseconds

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