Getting Started

The Directory Layout

Once extracted the downloaded binary release of S2Graph or built from the source as described below, the following files and directories should be found in the directory.

LICENCE               # the Apache License 2.0
bin                   # scripts to manage the lifecycle of S2Graph
conf                  # configuration files
lib                   # contains the binary
logs                  # application logs
var                   # application data

This directory layout contains all binary and scripts required to launch S2Graph. The directories logs and var may not be present initially, and are created once S2Graph is launched.

Launching S2Graph

The following will launch S2Graph, using HBase in the standalone mode for data storage and H2 as the metadata storage.

sh bin/

To connect to a remote HBase cluster or use MySQL as the metastore, refer to the instructions in conf/application.con.

Building from the Source

We use SBT to build the project, which can be installed using Homebrew on MacOS (brew install sbt). For other operating systems, refer to the SBT Tutorial. Once SBT is installed, running the following command on the source root will build the project from the source:

sbt package

Depending on the internet connection, the initial run might take a while downloading the required dependencies. Once the build is complete, the same directory layout as in the top of this document can be found at target/apache-s2graph-$version-bin, where $version is the current version of the project, e.g. 0.1.0-incubating.

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