Manage Vertices (Optional)

Vertices are the two end points of an edge, and logically stored in columns of a service. If your use case requires storing metadata corresponding to vertices rather than edges, there are operations available on vertices as well.

Vertex Fields

Unlike edges and their labels, properties of a vertex are not indexed nor require a predefined schema. The following fields are used when operating on vertices.

Field Name Definition Data Type Example Remarks
timestamp Long 1417616431 Required. Unix Epoch time in milliseconds.
operation One of insert, delete, update, increment String "i", "insert" Required only for bulk operations. Alias are also available: i (insert), d (delete), u (update), in (increment). Default is insert.
serviceName Corresponding service name String "kakaotalk"/"kakaogroup" Required.
columnName Corresponding column name String "user_id" Required.
id Unique identifier of vertex Long/ String 101 Required. Use Long if possible.
props Additional properties of vertex. JSON (dictionary) {"is_active_user": true, "age":10, "gender": "F", "country_iso": "kr"} Required.

Basic Vertex Operations

Insert - POST /graphs/vertices/insert/:serviceName/:columnName

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/vertices/insert/s2graph/account_id -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
  {"id":1,"props":{"is_active":true, "talk_user_id":10},"timestamp":1417616431000},
  {"id":2,"props":{"is_active":true, "talk_user_id":12},"timestamp":1417616431000},
  {"id":3,"props":{"is_active":false, "talk_user_id":13},"timestamp":1417616431000},
  {"id":4,"props":{"is_active":true, "talk_user_id":14},"timestamp":1417616431000},
  {"id":5,"props":{"is_active":true, "talk_user_id":15},"timestamp":1417616431000}

Delete - POST /graphs/vertices/delete/:serviceName/:columnName

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/vertices/delete/s2graph/account_id -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '

This operation will delete only the vertex data of a specified column and will not delete any edges connected to those vertices.

Also important thing is timestamp. vertex will be deleted only if delete requests timestamp is larger than all of vertexs property`s timestamp.

following example shows the difference.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/vertices/insert/s2graph_test/account_id -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
  {"id":1,"props":{"is_active":true, "talk_user_id":10},"timestamp":1417616431000},

if user request delete(ts) on vertex like below then vertex would not be deleted, but only properties on this vertex that is updated before ts will be deleted.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/vertices/delete/s2graph_test/account_id -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '

then result still have vertex with property that is updated with larger timestamp.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/getVertices -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
    {"serviceName": "s2graph_test", "columnName": "account_id", "ids": [1]}
- result
  "serviceName": "s2graph_test",
  "columnName": "account_id",
  "id": 1,
  "props": {
    "talk_user_id": 20
  "timestamp": 1417616431002

Important notes

This means that edges returned by a query can contain deleted vertices. Clients are responsible for checking validity of the vertices.

Delete All - POST /graphs/vertices/deleteAll/:serviceName/:columnName

This operation will delete all vertices and connected edges in a given column.

curl -XPOST localhost:9000/graphs/vertices/deleteAll/s2graph/account_id -H 'Content-Type: Application/json' -d '
[{"id": 1, "timestamp": 193829198000}]

This is a very expensive operation. If you're interested in what goes on under the hood, please refer to the following pseudocode:

vertices = vertex list to delete
for vertex in vertices
    labels = fetch all labels that this vertex is included.
    for label in labels
        for index in label.indices
            edges = with limit 50K
            for edge in edges

The total complexity is O(L L.I) reads + O(L L.I 50K) writes, worst case. *If the vertex you're trying to delete has more than 50K edges, the deletion will not be consistent.

Update - POST /graphs/vertices/insert/:serviceName/:columnName

Basically update on Vertex is same with insert overwrite so use insert for update.


Not yet implemented; stay tuned.

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