Using Docker

  1. install docker and VirtualBox(optional for OSX).
  2. register the IP of the docker-machine into /etc/hosts file(optional for OSX).
    • ex) default
  3. open up docker terminal and go to root directory.
  4. Build a docker image of the s2graph in the project's root directory
    • sbt "project s2rest_play" docker:publishLocal
  5. Run MySQL and HBase container first.
    • change directory to dev-support. cd dev-support
    • docker-compose build
    • docker-compose up -d graph_mysql will run MySQL and HBase at same time.
  6. Run graph container.
    • in docker terminal, go to dev-support folder then run docker-compose up -d
    • you will find default image running on VirtualBox.
    • if you are on linux, then use your machine name.
  7. Run rest server with Play on local machine(optionally).
    • sbt "project s2rest_play" run -Dhost=default
    • you will see play application running on local machine.
  8. Run test cases.
    • sbt test -Dhost=default this will use hbase and mysql on default image at VirtualBox.

S2Graph should be connected with MySQL at initial state. Therefore you have to run MySQL and HBase before running it.

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